As the learning process begins, so does the fun, with Funskool's educational and creative toys that helps the child explore various skills and also learn as he/ she plays. It was important to provide an Indian perspective to this learning process and bring in the infotainment focus, so Funskool embarked on a journey to bring indigenised ideas to young India.

The result? An exciting array of Indian brands from Funskool, like:

  • Handycrafts : Locally developed arts and crafts find their true Indian expression with this brand from Funskool
  • Fun Doh: Children can now shape their dreams with Fun Doh, Funskool's venture into doh
  • Play & Learn Puzzles: A series of educational puzzles to help children learn the fun way

Funskool has constantly been in the forefront of giving India a taste of world-class quality and family entertainment. Its special INDIAN CREATIONS are an extension of its belief in home-grown toys and play-cum-learning aids that keep children rooted to their Indian heritage.