What's common to infants, toddlers, school-going kids, doll-loving girls, car-crazy boys, fun-seeking adults who love party games, and families that love to play together? Funskool, of course!

Children of today's age are extremely opinionated about what they want and what suits them. Yet, one name that all of them agree unanimously with is Funskool, because it's a brand that they can grow with. At every stage of their childhood, Funskool offers them a wide array of toys and games for them to choose from.

Be it squeaky toys, rattles and teethers for infants, play sets and crawling aids for slightly older babies, multi activity toys, assembly and construction toys and pull along toys for pre-school children, Funskool becomes a child's best friend even before he/ she steps into school.

Exciting vehicles and various indoor activities have kept children absorbed in their fantasy world for hours together. There's so much for the family too - board games, memory games, party games, the list is endless.

Funskool's range of products is a blend of art and science - they have been aesthetically created with exciting colours and designs that would delight children. They are also very scientifically thought out, so as to improve various skills and functions, from hand-eye coordination to problem solving skills, from reflexes to colour and shape recognition.

Most Funskool products are easy to carry anywhere and hence offer hours of entertainment wherever you go.