• FSIL : 8776400
  • EAN Code : 653569887447
  • Age : 13 Years & Above
  • Category : Games
  • Brand : Hasbro
  • Type : Strategy Game
  • Skillset : Social Skills, Stimulates Logical & Strategic Thinking,cultivates Physical Co-ordination & Manual Dexterity

  • Scattergories

    Think fast! Team up in this fun, fast-paced game and rack your brain for items that fit the category. Can you think of articles of clothing, things you fold, or things at the beach that start with S? You score points when you come up with things that no one else does. But you've only got seconds to come up with them! The more creative your answers, the more points you score!

    Scattergories game challenges you to come up with items fast
    26-sided die tells you what letter the items have to start with
    You score points when you come up with items that nobody else does
    Play in teams for tons of funtimer, die, Scattergories cards, score sheets and instructions2 to 4 teams

  • Additional Information

    Product Dimensions
    Product Weight 450 Grams
    Brand Hasbro
    Age Group 13 Years & Above
    Country of Manufacture Usa
    Ideal For Unisex
    Type Strategy Game
    No. of Contents -
    Box Dimensions
    Length 26.67 Cms
    Breadth 8.5852 Cms
    Height 20.0152 Cms
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