Rubiks - Void Cube

  • FSIL : 7068700
  • EAN Code : 8901383706874
  • Age : 8 Years & Above
  • Brand : Rubiks
  • Type : Puzzles
  • Skillset : Analysis & Critical Thinking, Hand & Eye Co-ordination, Problem Solving, Memory Building

  • Rubiks - Void Cube

    From Rubik’s, the makers of the world’s best-selling puzzle, the Void Cube is a puzzle that will leave you dumfounded and amazed. Based on the original 3x3 Rubik’s Cube, this evolutionary Void Cube has a missing centre, which makes it harder to solve.

    Hole New Puzzle

    The Void has a missing centre or a hole, which makes this puzzle a lot harder than the original 3x3 Rubik’s Cube. It is truly amazing to behold and will leave your brain void of answers.

    More Challenging

    The Void Cube is incredibly addictive as it is a multi-dimensional challenge that will fascinate all puzzle fans. It features so many colour combinations and only one solution, which only leaves players more confused than when they started; but the end result is so worth the effort.

    Aim of the Game

    Twist and turn The Void to return the six coloured rings to the complete symmetrical state and you will find the puzzle amazing to look at, touch and play with.

    Develops Cognitive Ability

    Ideal for kids above the age of 8 years, this Void Cube is will help them engage themselves in productive and mind-challenging brain development. It also improves spatial awareness and problem-solving ability.

  • Additional Information

    Product Dimensions
    Product Weight 291 Grams
    Brand Rubiks
    Age Group 8 Years & Above
    Country of Manufacture China
    Ideal For Unisex
    Type Puzzles
    No. of Contents -
    Box Dimensions
    Length 19 Cms
    Breadth #REF! Cms
    Height #REF! Cms
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