Rubiks 5 X 5

  • FSIL : 8873200
  • EAN Code : 8901383887320
  • Age : 8 Years & Above
  • Category : Games
  • Brand : Rubiks
  • Type : Puzzles
  • Skillset : Analysis & Critical Thinking, Hand & Eye Co-ordination, Problem Solving, Memory Building

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  • Rubiks 5 X 5

    The Funskool Rubik's 5x5 is a toy that is fun to play with as well as educational. Your kid will love to accept the challenge, especially if he or she has already mastered the 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 cubes. This Rubik's 5x5 cube has six sides and features 150 small cubes. Six different colours – yellow, orange, green, blue, white and red – are used in the cube. As your child may already know, his or her main objective is to bring the similar colours together on one side.

    Keeps Your Kid Engaged

    The educational 5x5 Rubik cube teaches your kid to develop patience. It can keep your kid engaged for a long time and also helps increase his or her concentration levels. As this Funskool Rubik's cube is slightly more difficult than the 3x3 and 4x4 versions, it is recommended for kids who are above the age of eight years. This durable toy is a great way of increasing your child's logical, analytical and problem-solving skills. The brain teaser is a must-have for all children who like to solve intellectual puzzles.

    Develops your child's concentration, patience, problem solving, logical, analytical and hands-on skills
    Improves memory power and determination
    Prevents brain degeneration
    Made of safe material

  • Additional Information

    Product Dimensions
    Product Weight 410 Grams
    Brand Rubiks
    Age Group 8 Years & Above
    Country of Manufacture China
    Ideal For Unisex
    Type Puzzles
    No. of Contents -
    Box Dimensions
    Length 17.2 Cms
    Breadth 16.2 Cms
    Height 14 Cms
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