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Activity Kit

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  •    Product Code:9796200

  •    Type:Jar

  •    Brand:Fundough

A long weekend? Vacation? Hot summers? Keep your child occupied at home, with Fun Doh Activity Kit. It comes in a reusable jar and has four packs of colourful dough and eight cutters in different shapes, ranging from animals to geometric figures. So kids can create their little animal friends or practise shapes on their own. And what happens after they create them all? They can create them all again – in a different colour!

  • Product Code : 9796200
  • Product Type : Jar
  • Age : 3 years & above
  • Skill set : Motor skills, Creativity & Imagination, Sensory Skills
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Brand : Fundough

Dough Packs 4 nos. (Approx. 75gms each)

Teddy, Monkey, Lion, Penguin, Triangle, Circle, Star and Flower cutters.

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