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  •    Product Code:9838100

  •    Type:Action Figure

  •    Brand:Batman

This delightful star-shaped dream show projects magical Dreamtime characters, stars, and moons onto the ceiling. The Starlight dream show also plays 3 soothing lullabies to gently send baby to sleep

Features: Brightly colored light show designed to relax and lull babies to sleep

Select between pictures only or pictures and music for five or 10 minutes

Projects teddies, stars, moons and clouds and plays three soft lullabies

Attach it to your baby's cot with the plastic strap or use free-standing

  • Product Code : 9838100
  • Product Type : Action Figure
  • Age : 4 years and above
  • Skill set : Hand eye co-ordination, Role Play activity
  • Gender : Boys
  • Brand : Batman

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