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Fun paper Marbeling

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  •    Product Code:9609900

  •    Type:Paper art & Origami

  •    Brand:Handycrafts

Paper marbling is a unique art of making designer patterns on simple paper that end up looking like exotic marble. Learn to make marbled paper and put  it to good use. Create your personal diary and decorate it with dazzling colourful stickers or even make stylish bookmarks, the options are endless. Get marbled over with this exciting kit

  • Product Code : 9609900
  • Product Type : Paper art & Origami
  • Age : 6 years & above
  • Skill set : Motor skills, Cognitive skills, Creativity & Imagination, Sensory Skills
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Brand : Handycrafts

15 Sheets of white paper

15 Sheets of ordinary pink paper

2 Sheets of textured pink paper

1 Marbling Tray

4 Marbling ink bottle (approx 5ml each)

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