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  •    Product Code:4214600

  •    Type:Clay Art & Moulding

  •    Brand:Handycrafts

Isn't it fascinating how a potter spins the wheel to make wonderfully shaped pots? Now you can do the same without the messy mud. Handicrafts bring you a potter set that comes with a wheel, pot mold, and colors and more for decorating it too. This set motivates the use of hands to create. Your chance to become a Merry Potter is right here! Spin that wheel and let the magic happen.

  • Product Code : 4214600
  • Product Type : Clay Art & Moulding
  • Age : 8 years & above
  • Skill set : Motor skills, Cognitive skills, Creativity & Imagination, Sensory Skills
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Brand : Handycrafts

Includes synthetic air-dry clay, tool set, 5 pots of paint, glaze, sponge, one paintbrush, illustrated instructions and ideas.

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