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  •    Product Code:1728200

  •    Type:Playset

  •    Brand:Fundough

It’s time for action – the Police is here! And where the Police is, you can be sure that there are bad men, masks, guns, a jeep, money – and probably a briefcase that everyone is after. Here’s a great opportunity for kids to play police, as they go in hot pursuit of the robbers. And there’s enough dough to create all the props for an action sequence. And how does it end? Well, the thieves are caught and they’ll have to go to jail, of course!

  • Product Code : 1728200
  • Product Type : Playset
  • Age : 3 years & above
  • Skill set : Motor skills, Creativity & Imagination, Sensory Skills
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Brand : Fundough

1 Gun Extruder

2 nos. of 3D Book Moulds ( Police/Thief, Jeep Top and Base)

1 no. of 2D  Mould (Dog)

2  Runner Frame (Includes: Extrusion Strip, 2 Cell doors, Robber Cap, Police Cap, Robber Mask, Gun, Money Stamp)

2 nos. of Box Top Holders (Stays)

1 no. Dough Knife

4 Tubs of  Fun Dough Soft dough (approx. 50 gms each)

1 Strip of Fun Dough  (approx. 25 gms)

1 Cardboard Cutout ( 1 Briefcase) Instructions

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