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  •    Product Code:1728100

  •    Type:Playset

  •    Brand:Fundough

Is the zoo too far away? Or is it not the right weather to take kids to the zoo? No problem, bring the zoo home, with Fun Doh Zoo! Kids get to create their favourite animals themselves using the 2D and 3D moulds and colourful dough provided. There’s a zoo keeper (cardboard cut-out) to help the kids. And there are some visitors too! Kids could give them a guided tour of the zoo, help them feed the animals, water a few places and of course watch the grand peacock dance.

  • Product Code : 1728100
  • Product Type : Playset
  • Age : 3 years & above
  • Skill set : Motor skills, Creativity & Imagination, Sensory Skills
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Brand : Fundough

1 Extruder

3 nos. of 3D Book Moulds ( Elephant, Lion, and Peacock)

3 nos. of 2D  Moulds ( Monkey, Fish, and Crocodile)

1  no. Runner Frame (Includes: Extrusion Strip, Eyemaker, Bone, Pail, Pail Handle)

2 nos. of Box Top Holders ( Stays)

1 no. Dough Knife

4 Tubs of  Fun Dough (approx. 50 gms each)

1 no. Strip of Fun Dough  (approx. 25 gms)

6 nos. Cardboard Cutouts (1 Zoo Keeper, 2 sets of Zoo Visitors,1 Peacock Plume,1 Zoo Entrance Step and 1 Peacock Stand)


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