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Activity Ball

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  •    Product Code:9618000

  •    Type:Assembly toys

  •    Brand:Giggles

It's time for kids-one year and above - to have a ball! That's right! Baby Action Ball offers them a world of fun and learning. They cannot only play with the ball and marvel at its colorful beads,but also practice their hand-eye coordination and improve grasping abilities.


It helps your baby with basic counting

Induces color recognition, hand-eye co-ordination and motor skills

Matching colors shapes and sizes

Children can see the different colors and assemble it as well

Develops the child's observation skills

  • Product Code : 9618000
  • Product Type : Assembly toys
  • Age : 12 months & above
  • Skill set : Motor skills, Cognitive skills, Hand eye co-ordination, Sensory Skills
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Brand : Giggles

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