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  •    Product Code:7041900

  •    Type:Board Game

  •    Brand:Asmodee Games

 15-20 MINS      2 - PLAYERS      8 Years & Above

Great classic abstract game for two, Abalone invites you to try to eject a hexagonal board six balls of your opponent by pushing them with your own.

Players can perform a single action (or movement) per turn. On your turn, so you can move from one to three balls to your camp one or more free spaces in one direction or perform a " Sumitomo "movement of pushing the opposing ball when you're on the power position . Calculate your moves well, because any movement can not be changed.

  • Product Code : 7041900
  • Product Type : Board Game
  • Age : 8 Years & Above
  • Skill set : Cognitive skills, Social Skills, Emotional Development
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Brand : Asmodee Games

28 balls: 14 black and 14 white, 
1 tray Hexagonal Game; 
1 Rule of the Game.2 players

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