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Give your toddler a fun, comfortable coloring tool with My First Crayola Washable Easy-Grip Crayons. These crayons have a unique triangular shape that fits naturally between little fingers, so young children can color freely and without frustration. And since they're triangular, these crayons won't roll off the table while your child is taking a break.
Triangular Design Promotes Proper Writing Form
Thanks to their shape, these crayons can also help foster good writing practices in young children. The triangular design encourages kids to hold the crayon between their fingers instead of clenching it in their fist, preparing them for writing with thinner writing instruments like pencils and pens.
A Variety of Different Colors
With eight different colors, this pack of crayons gives your kids plenty of coloring options. It includes eight basic colors that are ideal for coloring or free, imaginative drawing.
Crayon Marks Easily Wash Off Clothing and Skin
My First Crayola Washable Easy-Grip Crayons are fully washable and do not stain clothes, carpet, or skin, so parents can have peace of mind even if their child accidentally gets a little too adventurous while drawing. Tougher marks can easily be washed away by hand using just water.
Package Contents
Eight washable triangular crayons.

  • Product Code : 7146300
  • Product Type : My first Crayola
  • Age : 24 Months & above
  • Skill set : Creativity & Imagination
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Brand : Crayola

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